What’s inside MyPDA?

The ground-breaking desktop and mobile app packed with features designed to make your property development stress-free

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What’s inside MyPDA?

The ground-breaking desktop and mobile app packed with features designed to make your property development stress-free

  • LITE account FREE forever
  • 14-day FREE trial of PRO
  • No CC required, cancel anytime
Packed with features to make every step of the process easy for you

    Appraise Your Deals

    Appraising your development opportunities can take time you can’t afford when you want to act fast and get your offers accepted, beating the competition. Rushing your calculations using spreadsheets risks getting the numbers wrong and making a loss – which no one wants. Your MyPDA app takes away the stress of crunching the numbers by giving you access to reliable calculations, in as little as 60 seconds. Our deal appraisal features include:


    Quick Deal Analysis (QDA)

    Get on-the-spot real land values and profit calculations with easy-to-use features and not a spreadsheet in sight! Rely on the QDA to include those non-negotiable fees when you need development finance to fund your deals. Get the leading edge with Vendors & Agents by sharing a QDA Profit & Cost Breakdown with tangible numbers that explain your calculations and give them confidence in your offer.

    Feature Lite Pro
    No burning the midnight oil stressing over a clunky spreadsheet. Appraise your deals fast with the Quick Deal Analysis (QDA) features which use pre-programmed up to date baseline figures from trusted sources.
    Download the Profit & Cost Breakdown for every QDA so you have the full picture of all the costs that have been included, no double counting, no unknowns – just full confidence in your offers to help you start that all important conversation when land is simply overpriced.
    Instantly share your QDA appraisals with your business partners, funders and other relevant contacts so you can make on-the-spot decisions in a matter of seconds and never lose out on any opportunity again.

    Detailed Financial Appraisals (DFA)

    MyPDA does the thinking, so you don’t have to. Follow the easy step-by-step Q&A process to customise each appraisal based on your own costings and financial situation, from the existing site through to the financials for the proposed scheme. Whether you need to borrow everything or nothing at all the DFA gives you full flexibility to tailor each appraisal. Get the detailed insight you need on the merits of each potential scheme to give you, your lenders and investors confidence in your project proposal from the early stages of the opportunity right through to project completion.

    Feature Lite Pro
    Unlimited Detailed Financial Appraisals (DFA) for every project and every scheme
    Clone your schemes in seconds and amend any DFA for a variety of different options, from unit types, exit strategies, to multiple schemes, whether commercial, residential or a mix of both
    Instant Gross Development Values (GDV) comparables
    Automatically calculate Gross Development Values (GDV)
    Maximise the number of units with automatic National Size Space Standards
    Take away the guess work and see how much you could potentially borrow from development finance companies, how much you'll need to fund yourself or need to secure from private investment
    Compare DFA schemes and the potential profits to assess the most viable propositions and create your offers instantly
    Create a sensitivity check before, during and after the build to check on how changes in costs and house prices might impact the profits on each scheme, from the initial sourcing stage through to project completion.
    Share your DFAs with your contacts, giving lenders and investors full transparency and confidence in you and the project

    Simplify Site Sourcing

    New development opportunities at your fingertips. Identify site potential on-the-go without the need to wade through boring emails that, quite frankly, you'll skip by. Instead, use the smart MyPDA Site Sourcing tools to set up property alerts so the daily deals come to you. Create potential projects while you’re out and about. Target new sites, track your potential development portfolio and build your pipeline, all in those spare 5 minutes you find throughout the day.

    Feature Lite Pro
    Create new projects as you spot them, snap a photo, geolocation and import straight to your project list
    Create up to 5 active property alerts to keep you notified of any new on the market development opportunities in your target areas
    Search for Residential and/or Commercial listings
    New listings added automatically every day for you to browse and keep on top of your site sourcing goals
    Daily Task Management to take the right action and the right time

    Manage Your Development Pipeline And Portfolio

    The MyPDA app makes your pipeline management easy, with smart tools and features to save you time and streamline the process. From intuitive identification and tracking of site potential to automated task management to give you accountability and keep you on track for success, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to keep you building your pipeline of opportunities and manage your projects from start to finish.


    Project management tools that make sense

    The MyPDA app has a raft of features designed to take the headache out of project management. No more juggling different spreadsheets for different projects, trying to catch up with yourself while the pipeline dwindles. These features are designed to simplify the process, and help you stay organised, with a 360 overview of your progress at a glance


    Feature Lite Pro
    Get organised with a comprehensive checklist to keep all your project info in one place
    Stay on track with automated task management & follow up remindersLimited
    Manage and re-instate archived projects
    Collaborate with others on a shared Quick Deal Analysis (QDA)
    A Profit & Cost Breakdown for every shared QDA
    View shared Detailed Financial Appraisals (DFAs)
    Enjoy unlimited document storage
    Create compelling offers with simple, customisable templates to cut down on your admin time
    At-a-glance view of your pipeline and project statusLimited
    Unlimited notes input & access to document history

    Get Organised

    MyPDA helps you to stay organised by reducing the admin overwhelm with My PDA’s customisable project documents, designed to simplify and speed up every step of your development process, from submitting your offer through to contacting land owners.


    Simplify your admin

    We’ve put together a suite of professional documents you can customise which help you respond quickly to site opportunities and cut hours from your admin workload.

    Feature Lite Pro
    Simple and effective Offer packs for every project and every scheme
    Send Off-Market letters direct to vendors
    Download pre-populated forms for Lender Heads of Terms (HOT)
    Download pre-populated forms for Planning Feasibility studies
    Unlimited document storage for all your projects

    Dashboard tracker

    The MyPDA handy dashboard tool will give you the accountability you need. Monitor project progress against your own KPIs and share vital business insights with your partners.

    Feature Lite Pro
    Track your progress vs. goals
    Automatic Key Performance Indicators for extra motivation and accountability
    Share your dashboard with your business partners, mentors and others for greater accountability

    Customise Your Data With MyPDA

    While we always use up-to-date reliable data sources to guide the MyPDA baseline parameters, we know you’ll want to consider the costs of your own suppliers and factor in regional variations too. That’s why we’ve created a range of customisable functions around pricing, goals and administration enabling you to get accurate insights, brand your documents professionally, easily share your appraisals with your funders and suppliers and stay accountable against the individual milestones that matter most to you.

    Custom Settings

    To get the most out of MyPDA you can utilise our customisable app features in the following ways:

    Feature Lite Pro
    Customise your professional costsLimited
    Set up your personalised funding ratesLimited
    Pre-set your Residential build costsLimited
    Create and manage the goals that matter to you
    Add multiple Local Authority rates
    Use My PDA default costs & feesLimited
    Add and tag your business partners, funders and other relevant contacts to easily share your appraisals with them
    Create your own off-market letter templates
    Create your own Offer Pack template

    Never miss an opportunity again.
    Take MyPDA out with you on the road

    While MyPDA is an extensive app designed for desktop use, we’ve created handy mobile functions to assist with management of your development projects while you’re on the move.  Our mobile app features are designed to help you act fast when you spot a site opportunity and to manage your property development projects in an agile way. Features vary between our Lite and Pro versions.

    Feature Lite Pro
    Swipe left - swipe right’ site sourcing function – quickly eliminate the sites you’re not interested in and filter through the ones with potential in a matter of seconds with instant project creation
    Pin drop your location. Just passed a site of interest? The pin drop function collects your location and allows you to add a photo and name of the site for you to investigate later on - ensuring you don't miss off-market opportunities
    Quick Deal Analysis – get an instant project pricing evaluation while on site
    View all documents and appraisals – vital information at your fingertips when you need itLimited

    Never miss a development opportunity again

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