Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get in touch with MyPDA?

A: We’d love to hear your feedback or help you with an issue, please select the Contact Us link that can found on each page, or click here

Q: What is the difference between MyPDA Lite and Pro?

A: click here to view the features available

Q: Is MyPDA Pro available on the Mobile App?

A: The Mobile app has limited Pro features including the additional data when creating or editing a project and the QDA. The key Pro features will soon be added to View Only.

Q: Where can I go to learn more about MyPDA?

A: Visit our website, follow us on social media. We also hold regular webinars which are a great opportunity for Live Q&A and tutorials. Sign up for your free account and we can add you to the mailing list and notify you when the next webinars will be!

Q: How do I sign up to get a Free Account?

A: You can sign up for your Free ‘Lite’ account by registering your details here

Q: How do I upgrade to MyPDA Pro?

A: click here to upgrade to MyPDA Pro

Q: How do I cancel my subscription and downgrade my account to MyPDA Lite?

A: Please contact us by email

Q: How do I use MyPDA Lite?

A: You can find short videos for each feature at the top of each page to help you get started.

Q: How do I use MyPDA Pro?

A: click here to view ‘How To’ videos to help you navigate through the more complex details.

A: Download the handy Quick SetUp guide

Q: Can I upload my existing projects into MyPDA

A: YES this feature is available under the Manage Projects Section. Just download the template, add the project details and upload all your projects in one go.

Q: Can I import my existing projects from Nimbus?

A: YES this feature is available under the Site Sourcing Section. Export the file from Nimbus and upload directly into MyPDA

Q: Can I set up property alerts with other search engines like Rightmove?

A: We are working on bringing additional data sources, watch this space.

Q: How is the profit amount and profit margin calculated in the Quick Deal Analysis?

A: Download the QDA User Guide, you can also find this when you create and view a QDA.

A: Pro members can download the actual QDA Profit & Cost Analysis for any project.

Q: In which jurisdiction is Stamp Duty based upon?

A: Stamp Duty rates are based on England rates. Rates applicable for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be included very soon.

Q: My Local Authority is not showing up in my Custom Settings

A: Please click here to let us know any missing local authorities and we will add to the list.

Please share your feedback and questions with us so that we can add to the FAQ section.