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Series 1: How to set up your account for success

How to set up your account

How to activate property alerts

How to customise your data

How to set your goals

How to customise documents

How to add your contacts

Series 2: Getting started

How to create projects 1

How to create projects 2

How to create projects 3

How to import projects

How to create project in the APP

Series 3: Save time - Quick Deal Analysis

Save time and energy on deal appraisals with our Quick Deal Analysis (QDA) feature.

How to run a QDA

QDA: Full Profit & Cost Breakdown

Series 4: Mitigate risk - Detailed Financial Appraisal

Mitigate risk by doing the due diligence with our Detailed Financial Appraisal (DFA) feature.

Customise your deals from the financials to the proposed site complexity; Discover how much you can Borrow, the Profit you'll make and how much cash you need to put into the deal.

How to run The DFA

How to compare DFA profits

DFA: Self Funded Purchase

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