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The MyPDA story…

In the last decade Claire & Alastair have built a successful portfolio of buy-to-let properties. After attending the 3 day Property Developers Secrets course run by Andi Cooke & Lloyd Girardi of Whitebox Property Solutions in 2017, they were inspired to scale up and increase their portfolio by following a Build to Rent development strategy.

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Joining the Whitebox mastermind programme Claire learnt how to become a property developer, and armed with the right skills she set about making that vision become a reality. Over the course of the next year Claire analysed 100’s of sites, many of which didn’t stack up financially given the competitive market in her target area. Despite a couple offers being accepted, like many deals they didn’t work out and then in early 2019 things took a turn in direction…

Analysing deals quickly and easily Claire started to helping others to do the same and in February of 2019 she was asked to join Jon McDermott, Town Planning Expert www.tpexpert.org as a guest at his planning bootcamp in Malta where his mentees would find sites & land so they could scale up their own businesses whilst Claire supported the process, offering advice and quickly crunching the numbers for them.

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Attending the Planning bootcamp was a thought provoking time for Claire, after trying to find solutions that made deals easier to analyse deals and give back some valuable time she realised there wasn’t much if anything available that was both affordable and tailored for property developers, let alone a single solution that does it all!


MyPDA was born and Claire set about turning her idea into reality by building the MyPDA platform with features that help property developers. MyPDA leverages software automation, building on our expertise, along with the expert know-how provided by our business partners Andi Cooke and Lloyd Girardi who are both successful property developers and mentors to their Whitebox Property Solutions community @ www.whiteboxps.com

The Directors

Claire Sheehan

Claire Sheehan

Founder and Managing Director

MyPDA is the brainchild of Claire, she is the founder and managing director of MyPDA bringing the platform to the Property Development Industry. A credit risk professional and seasoned business consultant who has worked with multinational corporations for over 25 years, leading and supporting successful change programmes. Claire’s expertise focuses on process reengineering, creating high performing results driven teams, all of which is underpinned by automated software that is specifically designed and implemented to maximise the opportunity to work smarter and deliver £m efficiencies.


Alastair Sheehan

Finance Director

Alastair is the company Finance Director. A Chartered Management Accountant since 1999, Alastair is the numbers guy! During Alastair’s professional career he has been responsible for budgets of hundreds of millions for a number of leading international corporations. Alastair loves what he does and brings his wealth of expertise and experience to MyPDA.

andi cook

Andi Cooke

Business Development Director

Andi brings to MyPDA an extensive range of expertise with all things Property Development. As founder of Redbox since 2007, Andi established his construction company, growing the business from the ground up and leading his construction teams in the build and completion of multiple development projects whilst overseeing the end-to-end process and full project management, from conception to completion. Since 2014 he has scaled up and now employs a skilled team who manage the day-to-day site and project management for the multiple contracts regularly in progress. Empowering his team to manage Redbox has enabled Andi to focus his time on helping and educating others to be successful property developers. Andi now owns an impressive portfolio of successful property-related businesses with MyPDA's Sales and Marketing Director Lloyd Giradi, which the pair have built together since 2014. Andi brings extensive knowledge, experience and resources to MyPDA and supports other property developers every day through an education company and mastermind programme, where, together with Lloyd, they regularly share their property development adventures, warts and all!


Lloyd Girardi

Sales & Marketing Director

Lloyd Girardi, is an elite member of the property community in the UK and has built up a huge network over an impressively short space of time in partnership with MyPDA's Business Development Director Andi Cooke. Lloyd has a formidable reputation within the property industry, is a well-respected public speaker and top 10 author of the acclaimed book Property Development where he shares his journey with the wider community. He is passionate about helping people identify and value land as this is the most important part in any property development. Knowledge in this area helps developers avoid pitfalls and be successful. Lloyd and Andi now own an impressive portfolio of successful property-related businesses, established over time after the pair joined forces in 2014. Lloyd brings extensive knowledge, experience and resources to MyPDA. Together with Andi, the pair support other property developers every day through their education company and mastermind programme, offering warts and all insight into their own property development experiences.

A Shared Vision

Claire, Alastair, Andi and Lloyd all share the MyPDA vision to revolutionise the property developers experience. Our team synergies and diverse, but relevant expertise means that MyPDA can do just that. Our MyPDA user community can use the platform with the confidence that it has been designed just for property developers by property developers!

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