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Property development shouldn’t feel so tough.

Identifying a prime site is only half the battle when it comes to property development. It’s a fiercly competitive landscape and you need to act fast when you spot potential. But accurately assessing costs and likely return on investment takes time you often can’t afford. You deserve a tool that can give you reliable profit potential quickly, so you can make not just more offers but better offers..

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  • 14-day FREE trial of PRO
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The app that finds you more hours in the day

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No one wants to spend hours agonising over flawed spreadsheet formulas. But making an offer with a back-of-a-packet guestimate risks you chasing sites that could be doomed from the start. As property developers who’ve learned the hard way, we know how frustrating it is when sites you’ve poured time and energy into fall through. My Property Development Assistant (MyPDA) helps you avoid that.

With MyPDA you’re able to…

  • Site-source with ease so you can focus solely on opportunities with the most potential
  • Estimate project costs and a realistic return with deal apprasials in as little as 60 seconds
  • Create projects on-the-go so you never miss off-market potential again
  • Tailor figures to your own suppliers’ costs and local property market values
  • Manage tasks and track your progress so your time is always used effectively
  • Build your development pipeline by managing and tracking projects digitally
  • Attend exclusive monthly events with other like-minded developers
  • Get access to a bank of resources ensuring you get the most from what MyPDA has to offer

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Packed with features to make every step of your property development venture easy for you. Everything you need from site sourcing tools and simple project management to admin shortcuts and customisable pricing.

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Detailed Financial Appraisals in the palm of your hand

We know every development is different – and so are the profit margins. That’s why our detailed financial appraisals (DFAs) are designed to be fully customisable and work with all kinds of schemes, enabling you to get a clear and accurate view of the costs - all with the click of a button.

Our DFAs do the thinking for you.

  • Get instant profit calculations without a single spreadsheet in sight
  • Quickly see how much finance you can secure (and what you’ll need in private investment)
  • Customise every deal and every scheme to your own circumstances
  • Gain a full understanding of the details behind the numbers
  • Feel confident in your calculations before making a financial commitment
  • Save hours of precious time across every project
  • LITE account FREE forever
  • 14-day FREE trial of PRO
  • No CC required, cancel anytime

Get the numbers right first time

Whether you’re new to property development, a land agent, or a veteran developer, having trust in your numbers is vital. We only use data from trusted sources so you can be sure you’re getting an accurate and realiable assessment, every time. Our data is updated regularly and sources include:

On-the-spot land values and profit calculations with Quick Deal Analysis (QDA) features

 Crunch the numbers in seconds with easy-to-use features and not a spreadsheet in sight! The QDA features do the thinking for you - including adding in the non-negotiable finance fees and a Profit & Cost Breakdown to give Vendors & Agents complete confidence in your offer.

  • Pre-programmed up-to-date baseline figures from trusted sources.
  • Downloadable Profit & Cost Breakdown for every QDA with all costs included to give you firm figures to negotiate with when land is overpriced.
  • Instantly share your QDA appraisals with your business partners and funders to make on-the-spot decisions

Start Working Smarter, Not Harder

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Save Time And Get Ahead

Isn’t it time you stopped letting time-consuming, unwieldy calculations stand in your way of securing the property development deals you really want? Wave goodbye to missed opportunities. Start your free 14-day trial today with access to the full suite of features, and get ahead of the competition so you’ll never miss out on a great return again.


MyPDA partners with trusted experts in the Property Industry. Our goal is to provide property developers with a range of skills and trusted resources that support the end-to-end process of property development.

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