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Build Your Development Pipeline

A platform that helps Property Developers to Work Smarter when Site Sourcing. Manage all of your opportunities and create a pipeline of deals so that you never miss out on a development opportunity again!

Accurate And Reliable Deal Analysis

Quickly qualify deals and see the profit you could make without a single spreadsheet! Save time, without compromising on the financial due diligence so you can make more offers and before your competitors.

Store Documents, Notes & Photos

Save time by storing all your letters, photos, documents, add project notes so you don’t forget a thing. All this and more on one single, easy to use platform.

Tools that help you stay on track & keep you accountable

Track your progress vs. your own goals.
Keep accountable so that you achieve more.


Property Developers, Investors and Mentors

MyPDA is designed specifically to assist small to medium sized Property Developers. It has been built by Property Developers who have been there and done it, giving you the tools needed to take action and get those all important offers made.

Experts in the Property Industry, MyPDA leverages from many years of expertise, in addition to a great network of service providers so that you can be confident you have what is needed to be a successful Property Developer.


Finance Professionals

The MyPDA platform benefits from many years of hands on experience managing corporate finance teams, budgets and managing financial risks. As with any industry getting the numbers right, and first time is a critical part of the process.

MyPDA helps property developers to mitigate the financial risks of developments, facilitating a quick and easy financial appraisal before you make a financial commitment. MyPDA presents you with the facts and figures that helps you to make sound financial decisions.


Project Management and SaaS experts

Working with large multinational companies for over 25 years, we have been at the leading edge of smarter ways of working using software as a solution, underpinned by the re-engineering of business processes. Each success story has seen a reduction in running costs and increased profits for some of the largest companies in the world.

MyPDA helps its user community to scale up their property development journey in the same way, our platform gives users an innovative software solution to revoluntionise their property development experience.

Our Ethos

Work Smarter > Save Time > Achieve More

We have created MyPDA for the Property Developer, because we love property development and we are passionate about finding new and innovative ways of working through technology.

Like many Property Developers and Entrepreneurs our goal is to have more time so that we can do more and fast track to financial independence. MyPDA helps us to do this, and get the benefits of a better work life balance.


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Site Sourcing

Customise your property alerts

with easy swipe functionality

Manage your Projects

Create projects and keep upto date with all your tasks

Financial Appraisals

Instant profit calculations

Simple to use and no spreadsheets


Visual tools that keep you on track and shows your progress

MyPDA Lite - Overview

Quick & easy to use free platform for Property Developers and Investors

MyPDA Pro - Overview

A comprehensive platform that does the hard work for you

Compare Schemes

Multiple schemes to discover the most profitable schemes

Contact Land Owners

Customised templates for off market opportunities

Supplier Services

Produce the right information, first time saving everyone time

Manage your Tasks

Tasks that prompt you to take the right action and the right time

Features & Pricing

Helping Property Developers & Investors save time & money.
Choose a plan to suit your needs.

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MyPDA Lite helps Property Developers and Investors find new development opportunities and analyse potential profits in a few simple steps. Save time with this easy to use and free platform
  • Site Sourcing
  • Property Alerts
  • Custom User Settings
  • Quick Deal Analysis (QDA)
  • Create New Projects
  • Project Document Storage
  • Project Notes
  • Project History
  • Project Workflow
  • Daily Task Management
  • Accountability Dashboard
  • Detailed Financial Appraisal (DFA)
  • Project Cashflow
  • Compare Development Schemes
  • Manage Your Contacts
  • Share Data with your Contacts
  • Direct to Vendor Letters
  • Offer Pack
  • Supplier Request Forms
Best Value
£152 List Price
/Month Paid annually
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MyPDA Pro gives you all the tools you need to find and get your offers on property developments accepted and funded. become a MyPDA Pro and give your investors the confidence they need to invest in you.
  • Site Sourcing
  • Property Alerts
  • Custom User Settings with PRO Features
  • Quick Deal Analysis (QDA) with PRO Features
  • Create New Projects with PRO Features
  • Project Document Storage with PRO Features
  • Project Notes with PRO Features
  • Project History with PRO Features
  • Project Workflow with PRO Features
  • Daily Task Management with PRO Features
  • Accountability Dashboard with PRO Features
  • Detailed Financial Appraisal (DFA)
  • Project Cashflow coming soon
  • Compare Development Schemes
  • Manage Your Contacts
  • Share Data with your Contacts
  • Direct to Vendor Letters
  • Offer Pack
  • Supplier Request Forms

Our Partners

MyPDA partners with a range of experts in the Property Industry. Our goal is to provide property developers with a range
of skills and trusted resources that support the end to end process of property development.

What Our Users and Partners Say

“We love helping Developers succeed in Property”

Claire Sheehan Founder of MyPDA

What Our Users and Partners Say

Scott Marshall CEO Roma Finance

What Our Users and Partners Say

Jonathan McDermott Principal Planner Town Planning Experts

What Our Users and Partners Say

“My PDA Pro is quickly living up to its potential. Self-checking and demanding with numbers & input, which ensures good information goes in to get crucial data out. Saving time and immensely practical; increasing my productivity already”

Jim Langford Property Developer

What Our Users and Partners Say

“I've been using MyPDA for a year and can wholeheartedly recommend it. If you're a property investor or developer searching for sites, the programme is a must-have. It allows you to quickly and easily complete both an initial and detailed appraisal on your properties.The team is extremely professional, with Claire, the founder, regularly hosting webinars about how to use the software effectively”

Damir RomanottoProperty Developer

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